Pre- Bride Rites in Taiwan


In Taiwan, there are many gorgeous and special marriage beliefs. They are steeped in centuries of culture and history. These wedding traditions are a great way to provide the families of the bride and groom up and produce a close bond taiwanese mail order brides. These rites likewise serve to protect the handful and their household from tragedies and hardships. This article will supply an overview of some of the most common prior- marriage rituals in Taiwan.

The nanzhai festival is an important prior- marriage ritual in Taiwan. This is when the groom visits the couple’s home and makes a elegant proposal to her home The groom typically comes with surprise objects and presents them to the bride’s relatives. Then the families will discuss the details of the wedding and make different arrangements.

After the nanzhai ceremony, the wedding is escorted to her couple’s home by her family and friends in a march with audio and banging. This is a time of joy and festivity. The groom’s community will established off firecrackers to pleasant the bridal vehicle as it moves closer to the residence. The vicar’s younger cousins will be waiting outside with a black wedding holder and two sizable tangerines wrapped in red paper to greet the newlyweds.

At the entrance of the house, the vicar’s seniors likely endure to the appropriate of the falcon and dragon candles while the princess’s elders stand to the left. Then, they will make offerings to the ancestors and pray for their family’s long- lasting happiness and prosperity.

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